Sunday, 29 November 2015

Vege Mac and Cheese

Last week we made Madi's Favourite Mac and Cheese. This was one of our student's favourite recipes and was a fairly standard Mac and cheese dish. Most of us in the class enjoyed eating it.

Mrs Clarke introduced us to the idea of 'making over' a popular recipe to make it more healthy. Mac and cheese is one of the most popular recipes in the class and everyone liked one or another version of it (even if they didn't like Madi's one that we made). This is the version we researched, found and made today - Paleo Mac and Cheese. After another little bit of researched we gathered that 'Paleo' is another word that means 'mostly veges' so we've called it vege mac and cheese. We like the term 'Clean eating' better than Paleo.

So, to compare to our recipe the other day - about the same amount of people liked it. Which we thought was interesting as many people (Mrs Clarke included) turned their nose up at the fact that it had cauliflower as it's main ingredient. "The sauce is YUMMY!", said Taulama. We all thought it smelt wonderful when it was cooking and even those that didn't like cauliflower couldn't really taste it (take THAT Mrs Clarke!).

And just to finish off, if you need any more convincing to try a Macaroni and cheese that does not have any macaroni nor any cheese in it, check out these two. Matthew and Kowhai were both very skeptical of today's 'mac and cheese' and even lurked around the back of the line and asked for smaller portions. BUT, they both came back for more...and look at these happy faces!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

PE with Ms McKinlay

This week at PE we played a modified version of softball/T-Ball and also did a team building activity where we had to work together as a whole class. We learnt a lot about how to work together and give everyone a turn as well as listening to everyones ideas. It was a super fun lesson.

Check out this action shot!

And all the other action too :)

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Recipe Makeover - Madi's Mac and Cheese

Moving ahead with our learning about changes in food, we've decided to make two versions of one of our favourite meals - Mac and Cheese.

For homework last week we all brought in a favourite recipe from home. Mac and cheese was a very popular choice and we chose 'Madi's favourite Mac and Cheese' as our recipe to cook as a class. Today - we did just that! Check out how much fun we had making and eating.

We discussed the purpose of why we eat food, to get energy. Each food has an energy value that is measured in kilocalories (calories) or kilojules. The energy is made up of proteins, fat and carbohydrate. It's also important to look at the sodium level - how much salt meals have in them. This Mac and Cheese has 643 kilocalories, 23.5g of fat, 64.5g carbohydrate and 28.6g of protein.

Later on this week we're going to make what is called a 'Paleo Mac and Cheese'. It has no macaroni and no cheese but supposedly tastes delicious. We're excited to see what it's like and how it stacks up against our first option.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Changes in food

To create our wonder about changes in food we've looked at changes in state - solid, liquid and gas.

Water is the best way to show all three - Liquid water is what we drink, if we freeze it, it becomes a solid and when we boil it, a gas comes off as steam.

We've started to look at changes in food - changes in state with jelly and changes in taste by making sherbert.

Here are some photos of all our fun.